“We strive to treat every client with respect and dignity.  We know that they are much more than their addiction."


Fundamental to our program are certain values about people with problems:

• Regardless of age or past failure, people can change and grow.

• A supportive environment with the right kind of relationships can restore a sense of personal value.

• Self-esteem is built by facing one's failures, recognizing one's strengths, and developing or restoring productive skills and activities.

Mission Statement

The Turtle Creek Recovery Center’s mission is to provide high quality, successful treatment and social services to Dallas-area adults who are challenged by co-occurring behavioral health disorders.

Vision Statement

Turtle Creek Recovery Center restores hope and opportunity to persons with co-occurring mental illness and alcohol or drug dependency, providing services that enable them to return to the mainstream of life with enhanced vocational, social, and problem solving skills and with the greatest possible degree of self-sufficiency.
Turtle Creek is committed to fulfilling our mission by understanding  our clients’ needs and by seeking to improve the relevance and effectiveness of our programs.

Our program incorporates components that reflect these commitments:

• A staff that truly cares about our clients and is invested in helping them succeed.

• A culture of respect, acceptance and empowerment.

• An emphasis on client self-governance helps create a community of personal responsibility, cooperation, and mutual support.

• Staff competency in simultaneously addressing issues of mental illness and chemical dependency.

• A residential program structure that offers education and counseling, but leaves room for client reflection, self-examination and initiative.